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Uncover the truth behind iMessage conversations with our monitoring app.

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Uncover the Power of Moniterro

Viewing Their iMessage Contacts

Control the absence of dangerous contacts in their chats.

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Accessing Every Text

Every piece of chat is readily available for you to peruse with Moniterro.

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Staying Invisible

Maintain complete invisibility at all times by operating without leaving any trace of your activities, including the absence of an app icon or any evidence that may give away your actions.

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Inspecting Their Photos and Videos

If it's transmitted via iMessage, you can view it. This way, you shall always be aware if they're sending or receiving any contentious material.

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Getting full Compatibility

No matter the type of device, you are in good hands. Our service supports all iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. You can access your target stress-free, knowing that compatibility with any device is guaranteed.

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Checking the Date and Time Stamps

Don't worry about secret nightly correspondence in iMessage with access provided by Moniterro.

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Testimonials from our clients

Explore further insights into phone monitoring based on the experiences of our customers

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Emily J.

Thanks to this app's location monitoring feature, as it helped me find my lost phone! I’m impressed!

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Olivia W.

It's so easy to install and configure Moniterro - it couldn't be better!

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Ethan B.

I have 5 employees, and I feared they could divulge secret data. However, now I’m using software to control them. It's nice to have the peace of mind Moniterro gives me - great app!

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Ava J.

Really impressive features, especially geofencing and keylogger. I use them every time my husband goes on a business trip. Highly recommended!

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Noah D.

I do care about our project’s results, so I do track my team. With Moniterro, I know that they do their best and don’t spend working time on social media.

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Sophia T.

I can finally stop worrying about my kids being online with this app for monitoring all their activity. I know who they talk to on Instagram and what they like, share, and post!

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Mason M.

I’m really impressed! My son went on vacation with his friends. I know his exact routes and can be assured of his safety.

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Isabella A.

I suspected my husband was cheating and downloaded Moniterro to confirm my suspicions. Thankfully, it showed he definitely was!

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Liam W.

We had many suspicions that our nanny wasn't being honest about her working hours, but Moniterro proved this suspicion to be true - and it saved us a lot of money in the long run.

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Mia R.

My teenage daughter was being secretive about who she was talking to and where she was going - I installed this software on her phone and found out she had been lying to me about who she was seeing.

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Lucas T.

As a business owner, I kept track of my employees and ensured they were doing their job properly. I could also monitor their productivity and catch any suspicious activities in the workplace.


3 easy steps to start


Choose a suitable subscription plan. Complete the purchase and receive the instructions for further actions in your inbox.

track someones phone


Take your phone, install the app on it, and follow the instructions in the account.

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Log in to your user dashboard from any browser and start monitoring.

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If any questions left

An iMessage monitoring app allows you to track and monitor all activity on a target device's iMessage app. Once the app is installed on the target device, it begins to capture all incoming and outgoing iMessages, including text messages, photos, videos, and other multimedia content. The monitoring app then uploads this data to a secure online dashboard, which you can access from any web browser or mobile device. From the dashboard, you can view all iMessage activity in real-time.

If you're looking for a way to track text messages on an iPhone without them knowing, an app like Moniterro is the perfect solution. It works in hidden mode so that their device doesn't even show it's installed — essential if you want them to continue using their phone as normal.

Even though iMessage can be deleted, with Moniterro's powerful monitoring tools you don't have to worry about missing what was sent - their Screenrecorder and Keylogger provide the ultimate way of tracking any message that passes through your phone.

Yes, Moniterro can be installed on a target iPhone device discreetly and without detection. The app runs in the background and does not appear in the device's app list or home screen, making it virtually undetectable. Once installed, Moniterro allows you were monitoring iMessage activity on the target device in real time without the user's knowledge.

There are several apps available for monitoring text messages on iPhone, but Moniterro is considered one of the best. With Moniterro, you can monitor all text messages and iMessages on the target iPhone device in real-time, including deleted messages.

Additionally, Moniterro offers a range of other features, including call monitoring, GPS tracking, social media monitoring, and more, making it a comprehensive solution for monitoring iPhone activity.

While it may seem attractive to use a free iMessage monitoring app, be aware that the company behind it could have ulterior motives and seek to take advantage of you. Protect your valuable data with reputable programs such as Moniterro - not only will they offer secure protection for monitoring texts on iPhone, but also provide far more comprehensive software solutions.

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