How to Monitor Kid’s iPhone: Comprehensive Guide for Parents

18:16 2024
read time: 6 min
How to Monitor Kid’s iPhone
18:16 2024
read time: 6 min

It is not a big secret that the modern generation of teenagers is inextricably linked with their mobile gadgets. The paramount task of phones to make calls has shifted to a secondary place since young users prefer playing games, surfing social networks, shopping, and even dating online.

The task of responsible and caring parents is to track their kids’ iPhones to protect them from all the temptations and dangers of uncontrollable gadget utilization. It is high time to dig deeper into modern iPhone solutions that may help you remotely supervise the mobile life of your offspring.

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Solid Grounds to Track Kids’ iPhones

With the widespread use of smartphones among children and adolescents, tracking their iPhones can provide peace of mind for parents while allowing kids to explore the world independently. Here are some convincing grounds to track your kids’ iPhones:

  • Matter of security; 
  • Online activity supervision;
  • Screen time control;
  • Lifesaver in case of emergency.

After shedding light on the necessity of keeping abreast of kids’ digital lives, the question of how to monitor kids iPhone should come into the foreground.

Overview of iOS Tools to Track Your Kids iPhones

When searching for solutions that may assist you in keeping an eye on your kid’s mobile activity, let us delve into brief but comprehensive reviews of top solutions for iPhones.

#1: Moniterro

Moniterro is a cutting-edge monitoring app that allows discreet real-time monitoring. Designed for both personal and professional use, it provides comprehensive monitoring solutions. Whether you want to monitor personal device usage, track employee activities, or safeguard your children from online risks, Moniterro is your go-to solution. Thus, the answer to the question, “Can I track my daughter’s iPhone?” becomes obvious.

The key features of Moniterro are:

  • Messaging monitoring
  • Access to Browser History
  • Call Logs Monitoring
  • Location Monitoring
  • Social Media Activity Monitoring
  • Application Usage.
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Monittero Pricing Policy

Monittero experience can start with a free trial period to verify functional capabilities. Customers can prefer subscription options based on their personal needs and budget to track kids iPhone. Furthermore, Moniterro has also introduced a pay-as-you-go option for customers who prefer a more flexible pricing model.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface;
  • Comprehensive task management system;
  • Affordable and flexible pricing policy;
  • Wide range of monitoring features.


  • Necessity of physical access for app installation on the target device.

#2: mSpy

Another “how to track kids iPhone” helping app is mSpy. It is a tool for parental monitoring that offers call monitoring, text message reading, GPS location tracking, and social media activity monitoring. Also, mSpy allows blocking access to unwanted or dangerous websites and applications on the phone.

mSpy Pricing Policy

mSpy offers a demo version and multiple subscription plans to cater to the needs of different users. The plans are based on the subscription terms and the various features, starting from $11.67/ month.


  • Wide range of monitoring features;
  • Remote access to the target device;
  • Devices compatibility.


  • High subscription fee.

#3: Eyezy

Eyezy may assist in finding the right decision about “How to track your kid’s iPhone?”. This is also one of the top-rated parental monitoring apps. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, keylogger function, and screen recording function, Eyezy comes in handy for concerned parents.

Eyezy: Pricing Policy

Eyezy believes that everyone should have access to kids’ monitoring options without breaking the bank. That’s why it offers a wide range of products at different prices. The cheapest plan is only $7.99/m.


  • Simple installation;
  • Screen recorder option;
  • Affordable subscription plan.


  • Some options are locked behind root permissions;
  • Necessity of physical access for app installation on the target device.

Apple’s Find My iPhone to Track Child’s iPhone

How to Monitor Kid’s iPhone

If you’re looking for a free alternative – you can use Apple’s innovative Find My iPhone feature. With Find My iPhone, you can easily monitor your child’s location and ensure their safety. By simply setting up this feature on both your device and your child’s iPhone, you can track their whereabouts in real time and receive notifications if they stray too far from designated safe zones. So, if you are not going to purchase costly applications but still want to know, how do I track my son’s iPhone remotely, set your phone, and sleep well.


  • Easy and quick setup;
  • Free solution.


  • Doesn’t monitor phone activity.

Simple Steps to Track Kid’s Location on iPhone with Maps

Follow this step-by-step guide:

Opening the “Settings” app on your child’s iPhone.

  1. Find the “Privacy” tab and pick “Location Services” from the list.
  2. By activating Location Services, iPhone users will utilize GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to define their child’s location.
  3. Select “Share My Location” on the settings page.
  4. Choose to share your child’s location with your own iPhone.

These steps will allow you to see your kids’ real-time location on your Maps app. Just open Maps and make sure your kids are in a safe place.


All the above solutions are perfect for desperate parents looking for the answer to the question “Can I monitor my child’s iPhone without them knowing?”.

Parents can use an advanced monitoring app like Moniterro to get full access to the child’s phone. Those who are looking for a free solution and want to find out their child’s location can use the Find My app on iPhones. With the power of technology at your fingertips, keeping tabs on your children’s whereabouts has never been easier!

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