How to Check iPhone Location History – The Most Effective Methods

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13:24 2024
read time: 7 min
How to Check iPhone Location History – The Most Effective Methods
13:24 2024
read time: 7 min

Checking the iPhone location history option is a good way to keep the memory of your last visited places fresh in your mind and potentially monitor the activity of your child or partner. Generally, you can check the location history using the features already provided by Apple’s operating system or third-party applications.

Smartphones have been able to track your location for a long time. Still, you may not know that your iPhone keeps track of where you’ve been and creates a log you can check whenever you want. So, how to see location history on iPhone? This article will explore the different options you have at your disposal.

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How Does Location History Work?

The way location history works is pretty simple. Using Google Maps, your device can create personalized maps based on the places you’ve visited. For the Google Maps app to monitor your location, you must:

  • Enable “Location Reporting.”
  • Activate the “Location History” feature.
  • Be logged into your Google account.

When you generate more traffic data and save it, it can help you get personalized ads, receive updates on local traffic situations, and even locate your iPhone if you lose it or it gets stolen. Your location history option will begin to work when you go to your phone’s settings and activate “Significant Locations” or “Frequent Locations.”

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Native Methods to Access iPhone Location History

iPhones have features that allow you to easily save your location history and check it whenever your heart desires. With the help of Wi-Fi hotspots, cell towers, Bluetooth, and GPS, your movements can be tracked by the location services. So, not only can you see where you’ve been last month if you cannot remember the name of a particular restaurant or street, but you can even see where your loved ones have been. The latter option is useful when you monitor your children to ensure they’re safe.

But how do you find location history on iPhone? Here’s how you can do it directly from your iOS device’s settings:

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Choose “Privacy” from the menu.
  3. Pick “Location Services.”
  4. Go all the way to the bottom and select “System Services.”
  5. Select “Significant Locations” and your location history will appear.

While this method is useful, it may be unable to store all your data when your phone is low on storage. Also, if you’ve previously labeled locations on your iPhone, you will see the cities you visited on the screen and not the street names.

How to See Other Phone’s Location History on Your iPhone

You may be wondering how to check location history on an iPhone and see where a loved one has been. Well, this can be done with the help of a third-party app like Moniterro.

Moniterro is a phone-monitoring app that gives you an insight into your target’s phone activities. Basically, the application allows you to see someone’s GPS locations, text messages, and social media activity. You can even screen-record their phone to make sure nothing escapes you.

When you use Moniterro to see recent locations on iPhone, you can enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

  • An app that is compatible with all iOS devices but also Android ones.
  • A user-friendly dashboard that brings updates constantly.
  • Being able to install and access the app quickly and easily.
  • Receiving real-time information about your target’s location.

Unlike native iPhone location services, Moniterro will work without any interruptions. Furthermore, it will always give you accurate, up-to-date information about the location of the person you’re monitoring. You will even get their coordinates.

Using Moniterro to Check Location History

If you want to learn how to check iPhone location history, you may wonder how Moniterro works. Well, you will only have to go through a few steps, and you don’t need to be very tech-savvy to figure out how to use it. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Install Moniterro on the device you wish to track.
  2. Open the app to view the location history.
  3. Check all the data and coordinates presented.
  4. Set up alerts. You can choose virtual boundaries, known as “zones,” and get notified when your target leaves these areas.

How to Find iPhone Recent Locations on Google Maps

How to Check iPhone Location History

You can easily view location history on an iPhone with the help of Location Sharing on Google Maps. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Install Google Maps on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on your Profile.
  3. Go to “Settings” and then “Location Sharing”.
  4. Choose a profile picture.
  5. Tap “Location Sharing” and wait until you see a map appearing. It will show you the location of anyone who is sharing their location.
  6. You can zoom in on someone’s location by tapping their profile picture.
  7. Tap “Request” to see where a specific person is.


Is It Possible to Check Someone’s Location on Google Maps Without Notification?

You cannot stay anonymous when checking someone’s location on Google Maps. The person you’re tracking will always be notified. The only way to keep hidden is by using a third-party app like Moniterro.

Is My Location History Private?

Yes, your location history is private. You also have control over whether to delete it or not.

How Long Does an iPhone Store Location History?

iPhones usually store your location history for 36 months. At the same time, it can be automatically deleted if it’s older than 3, 18, or 26 months.

How Can You See Someone’s iPhone Location History Without Them Knowing?

The only way to check someone’s iPhone location history without them knowing is via Moniterro. The app lets you remain anonymous and won’t notify the target.


There are various ways to check iPhone location history, either via native options or Google Maps. However, third-party apps like Moniterro remain the best option, as they hide your identity and do not send an alert to the person you’re monitoring. Moniterro is reliable and shows you accurate information that is updated in real-time.

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